JMPD roadblocks on the N1 North and South on Sunday 13 July 2014

We know it has been some time since we informed members of the public of the roadblock set up by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department on the N1 North and South freeway between Beyers Naude and Malibongwe Drives, and vice versa on Sunday 13 July 2014.

We have not been sitting around doing nothing since that time, but have instead been in contact with a law firm which has given the JMPD, the City of Johannesburg and SAPS notice of our intention to institute legal proceedings against them in order to:

  • Seek a declaratory order declaring the roadblock on the N1 South unlawful, since we have established that it was not authorised;
  • Seek a declaratory order declaring the roadblock on the N1 North unreasonable since it lasted for six and a half hours; and thereafter
  • Seek financial compensation for all parties affected by each of these roadblocks.

Additionally, they have proceeded to request various documentation and information from the JMPD and SAPS regarding the roadblocks, which are vital for any future actions. Some of these requests were adhered to, others not.

In light of the fact that numerous road users were personally affected and prejudiced by this matter, we are inviting you to join in the proceedings. We have reached an agreement with the law firm concerned that they will act on a no win no fee basis on behalf of JPSA members where they will limit their fee to such legal cost as may be recoverable from the JMPD, City of Johannesburg and/or SAPS. Any financial settlement granted by the Court will be paid directly to you and the law firm will recover their legal cost directly from the JMPD, the City of Johannesburg and SAPS.

The monetary value of your claim will be dependent on the direct and consequential damages you suffered and will be assessed by our lawyers. In this regard, we will require proof of, for example, flights missed, shows missed, injuries, including injury to your dignity, etc.

We believe that this legal action is strictly necessary in order to deter the JMPD and/or SAPS from abusing their powers, as they do so frequently and without consequence.

In order to take advantage of this offer, kindly send an email to (click to reveal email address), detailing how you were affected by this roadblock and quoting your ID number so we may verify your membership before referring you to our lawyers. If you are not yet a member of JPSA, kindly join our organisation before emailing us.

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