About this site

Welcome to the JPSA blog site. Here we will, in time, publish all sorts of articles focusing on road safety and road traffic legislation. We wish to address a few issues at the outset and have therefore published a few questions and answers below:

Why does your logo have blood dripping down it?

Like all other organisations, JPSA's logo forms our part of our corporate image and is cherished by us. Sadly however, we have been talking about road safety for so long now and despite the talk, all that's really happening is that the quantum of people being killed and maimed on our roads is climbing - not reducing as those who like to talk about road safety would have you believe. The blood drips and black background signify our protest against this horrific anomaly and in particular, the stunning lack of any sense of urgency to change the status quo that is shown by the authorities.

Why is JPSA so antagonistic towards the authorities?

It has been said that JPSA is antagonistic towards government and traffic law enforcement authorities and this label is not entirely untrue. While other organisations like to maintain a politically correct approach where they simply turn a blind eye to deficiencies and abuses, often stroking the egos of those in power, JPSA makes it its mission to tackle problems head on. This is often interpreted as being antagonistic and while it would have been nice to be able to achieve results by simply asking nicely, the reality of things is that such attempts have yielded zero results. Road safety, legislation and the enforcement thereof is not some academic discussion of what may be nice and what may not; it is a deadly serious topic. The way we see it, someone has got to have the guts to address these problems head-on, instead of pussy-footing around while people die on our roads.

What is the purpose of this blog?

Let's face it. The second people have acquired their driving licenses is the second that they begin to forget everything they studied so hard to grasp while seeking to qualify to drive. That is of course unless they, like an alarming number of people do, decided to shortcut the process and enter into a corrupt transaction to acquire one. On this site, we discuss a number of issues including road traffic legislation and the enforcement thereof and you get the opportunity to enter into discussions with us and your fellow members of the public. At the core of this website's purpose is driver education - by making you aware of what laws exist, what laws are proposed and what the purpose of those laws are. 

Comments policy.

Although the purpose of this site is to encourage healthy discussion and debate, there are some rules. We will not tolerate profanity, slander or hate speech and we would prefer if you would keep your political statements to yourself. While road safety cannot come about without political will, there is no room for politics in it and we ask you to bear that in mind before you enter into politicking on this site. Please keep it clean and untainted by your political affiliations and beliefs.

We hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful. Please don't forget to visit our main website at www.jp-sa.org. Together we can make a difference and always remember the words of Edmund Burke: "All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing."